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Makita Dealer Makita Screw driver Machine TD0101 with 100 N.M. Torque light weight

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STEINEL Heat gun Steinel Make 1400 watt Heat gun. 2 stage Tempreture 300 / 500C. 2 stage air flow 240 / 450 I/min. Made in Europe.

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Makita Dealer Makita DTW1001Z cordless impact driver Standard Bolt: M12 - M30 (1/2" - 1-1/4") High Tensile Bolt: M10 - M24 (3/8" - 1") with 1050 N.M. Torque available with 2 batteries & Fast charging charger (22 Minutes)

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Carborundum Dealer Cumi mfg Water Proof Paper, Sukha Paper, Latex Paper, Warrior Paper in various Grit size

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Makita Dealer portable band saw Machine 2107F with excellent tool balance with variable speed, Buit-in Florescent job light

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Carborundum Universal Ltd Dealer Deal in all types of Grinding wheel Plain Grinding wheel, Cup Wheel, Snagging Wheel, Surface Grinding Wheel, Centerless Grinding wheel, D.C.Wheel, Plain & Reinforce Cut Off Wheel,

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Makita Dealer Makita Lawn Mover ELM3611 (14"), ELM4110 (16"), ELM4613 (18"), Ideal machine for Lawn maintenance.

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Makita Dealer Makita Cordless Back pack Vaccum Cleaner DVC260 comfort handling, 18v Li-ion Battery,

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Makita Dealer Makita Screw Driver TDO101 light weight 10 N.M. Torque, 900gm. No harm to the wrist when a screw is seated. Less fatigue because of less pressure to hold the tool. Screw head is not stripped. Enables to drive screws even without pre-drilling pilot holes. Effective for hard wood. Easy driving in tight space.